Baxter Technical Support

To contact the technical support team during normal business hours (7 am to 7 pm Eastern Standard Time), use the Medical Information contact information below and follow the prompts. A 24-hour help line is available after normal business hours—just call the Help Line number listed below, follow the prompts and leave a detailed message.

Help Line (Available 24 hours)

(800) 356-3454

For questions that are general in nature, including requests for parts, your call will be returned the next business day. If you need help operating your device, or if you have an emergency, a technical representative will return your call within 3 hours.

Technical Training

Training is held at the Baxter manufacturing facility located in Medina, NY. Successful completion of the curriculum authorizes the attendee to perform field-authorized repairs on the specified Sigma Spectrum Infusion System. Please refer to the Technical Support link below for more information.

To register for a class, please send an email to: When registering, please specify attendee name(s) and email address, facility, and applicable pump model in your email.

Technical Support Documents

Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump Compatible IV Sets

Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump Cleaning Agents

Return Authorization Form

Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only

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