Data analytics for your smart infusion system.

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System data and the CQI AnalyticsPlus program can help you bring valuable insights to further increase drug library compliance and to some of your toughest infusion therapy concerns.

As part of the Connections Portfolio offered by Baxter's Clinical Center of Excellence (CCOE), the CQI AnalyticsPlus program is designed to make the most of your smart pump technology with:

  • Convenient, standardized quarterly reports that allow you more time to analyze and less time filtering and compiling data.
  • Baxter clinical consultant support to provide deeper insight into smart pump data so that a facility can optimize its drug library and drive clinical decisions that support safe and effective IV drug therapy.
  • Sustainable and timely infusion data review process designed to help meet your facility's IV infusion safety and operational efficiency goals.

SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only
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