The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System uses a multiple-server architecture and your facility's wireless infrastructure to achieve:

  • Efficient drug library transfer accomplished through a multiple-server architecture, which can be virtualized, allowing 80% of pumps to activate new drug library within 7 hours*
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) data Near real-time data transfer enables optimization of the drug library
  • EMR integration Infusion data is sent from the SIGMA Gateway utilizing standard IHE protocols PCD-01, PCD-03, PCD-04 and PCD-10. The level of integration allows infusion data to be electronically documented into patient records
  • Asset Tracking Pump location and status information is wirelessly communicated to an asset tracking solution

The wireless SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System and the SIGMA Gateway have been designed to be "good citizens" on a wireless network.

Download the SIGMA Spectrum Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Integration Statement (pdf)

Download the White Paper: SIGMA Spectrum EMR Integration (pdf)

*Data on file. UNC Drug Library transfer time study. November 2013.

SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only
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