Safely preparing, administering and documenting IV medication can be a complex process. The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager and the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System each can leverage advanced technology to help ensure every IV infusion dose is prepared and administered correctly.

The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager provides visibility to the IV dose preparation and dispensing process, while the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System helps reduce errors when programming an IV infusion. Together, they provide an advanced technology for IV infusion preparation and documentation efficiency, identification of errors, and IV infusion workflow across your facility.

Download the Brochure "DoseEdge System" (pdf)

  1. Medication Order Routing
    Orders are sent from the pharmacy information system to
    the DoseEdge system.

  2. Preparation & Labeling
    Automatic calculations and barcode-enabled ingredient verification help ensure accurate dose preparation.

  3. Pharmacist Review
    Remote verification of doses through web-enabled
    application helps identify errors.

  1. Administration
    The customized drug library with dosing limits and dose change alert feature help guide safe infusion programming.

  2. Documentation
    Infusion data from the SIGMA Spectrum pump is
    electronically populated into the patient's electronic
    medical record after clinician verification to help ensure
    accurate documentation and improve clinical workflow.

The DoseEdge System is not intended to replace the knowledge, judgment or expertise of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the preparation of IV admixtures or oral liquid doses.

SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only
For the safe and proper use of the devices referenced within, refer to the complete Instructions for Use or the appropriate manual.