The infusion system that moves with your patient,
evolves with your facility.
The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System's ease of use helps to enhance clinical workflow, its design supports patient mobility,
and provides integrated infusion documentation capabilities with your EMR.

The Sigma Infusion System has not been tested or evaluated for use in a hyperbaric chamber; it is not designed to be
MRI compatible and is not intended to be used in this manner. Strong magnetic fields (those beyond the level tested) may cause
the device to operate improperly.

Additionally, the SIGMA Spectrum pump offers:

  • Pump-guided prompts for quick 10-step set up—from power "ON" to RUN
  • Capacity for up to 400 clinical advisories that can be created to provide important information and notifications while programming the pump
  • CQI AnalyticsPlus Program assists in turning data-driven insights into actions targeted to help enhance the safety of IV pump infusions.

Download the Sigma Spectrum Pump Brochure (pdf)


The SIGMA Spectrum pump defaults to the drug library at power-on. This design allowed hospitals using the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System to average 96% drug library compliance.*1

Updates to SIGMA Spectrum pumps are seamless as they do not require pump power cycling (turning off and on) to transfer or activate the new drug library. The SIGMA Spectrum pump has the capability to integrate with your EMR to enable auto-documentation of IV infusion data to help enhance clinical workflow and improve accuracy of IV infusion documentation.


SIGMA Spectrum pump Master Drug Library (MDL) Editor software allows you to develop a drug library completely customized to your facility's needs.**

MDL Editor software capacities:

  • 5,000 drug entry capacity
  • 32 care areas to guide safe programming appropriate for each patient care unit
  • 400 clinical advisories provide additional information prior to programming a drug
  • 500 modifiers to provide additional guidance in drug concentration selection

Baxter's pharmacy consultants provide comprehensive training and guidance to help support a facility's development of a drug library that meets the specific needs of each care area. The Baxter team coaches the facility through comprehensive drug library testing and facility sign-off before the pumps are used on patients.

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System is not intended to replace clinician patient observation.

Why choose the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System?

Baxter's SIGMA Spectrum infusion system:

  • Defaults to the drug library at power-on to help support a 96% drug library compliance**1
  • Offers a dose change alert that can identify potential programming errors within the drug library's soft limits—an important feature when titrating drugs
  • Supports rapid wireless drug library updates and activation without power-cycling the pumps
  • Has easy-to-read large font
  • Has on-screen programming guidance
  • Provides a quick-search function to help clinicians locate drugs in the library in minimal steps
  • Is easy to transport because of its light weight and small size
  • Has built-in asset-tracking capabilities that will help quickly locate pumps for use and manage pump inventory when used in conjunction with an asset management solution

*Standard deviation: 2.89%, based on 1,485,414 infusions reported between November 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012, across 22 facilities.
**The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump with Master Drug Library is intended to be used by trained healthcare professionals.
1. Data on File, Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only
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